How you can be part of a life-changing novel

Have you ever become so lost in a book that it seems more real to you than the world you actually live in? Do you know that feeling of excitement as you travel with a favourite character for hundreds of pages and countless adventures? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live some of those adventures?

WABIAD Award 2013-106

Me with members of the award winning 2013 NBWG team with author and judge J.C. Burke
(L-R) Fiona Howland-Rose, Tony McFadden, Zoya Nojin, Zena Shapter, JC Burke (author and judge), Liz Michell, Kristin Prescott (Me), Leah Boonthanom, Tracey Jackson

Books give us an opportunity to escape, which is why I love reading AND writing them so much.

In August I will also have another very good reason to spend an entire day writing … to fight childhood cancer.

For the third year in a row, I am joining a talented team made up of members of the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group taking part in Write-a-Book-in-a-Day competition.

In a nutshell, we will write, edit and illustrate a children’s novel in just 12 hours …. sound crazy? Well maybe just a little bit, but once again, we will certainly give it our best shot! In 2013 we were awarded Best Book and Best Illustrations for our Book Scribbles in the Dark and in 2014 we were awarded Best Book for A Dolphin For Naia.

We also raised the most sponsorship … and that’s where you come in. We are doing out bit – but we need YOUR support. Money raised goes to The Kids Cancer Project and Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Just CLICK HERE and select NORTHERN BEACHES WRITERS’ GROUP to sponsor our team.

Not only will you join the fight against this awful disease, your name will be included as a supporter in our book and you’ll help bring a smile to the face of a sick child.

Thank you for your support!



Kris x

PS – Both our award winning books (for ages 8-14) are available from all good online retailers and a percentage of profits goes to The Kids Cancer Project, so why not grab a copy today!!

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