Why Every Writer Should Join a Writing Group – Zena Shapter Interview

Recently I have been reflecting on how much my life has changed since I took a leap of faith and threw myself into my writing. Can it only be a few months ago?

I had no idea how much I could achieve, or how quickly – I’ve been co-author on an award winning children’s book, I’ve completed the first draft of two children’s fantasy novels (both written in a single month during NaNoWriMo) and I’ve had articles and a short story published in international literary magazines … WOW!

Writers' Group articlePossibly the most important factor in achieving all of this was my decision to join the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group, founded by award winning author, Zena Shapter. Being part of a writing collective was the key to staying motivated through the times of loneliness and doubt and learning about a world I had previously only dreamed I could be part of. Now I am well on the way to making it my life.

In my article “Why Every Writer Should Join a Writing Group” for the literary magazine Writer’s Edit, I explain why connecting with other writers is so important. One of my interviewees was the amazing Zena Shapter. The interview was so interesting and inspiring I wanted to share it with you in full. So read on and enjoy! Continue reading

Writing Groups and Social Media – Interview with Nick Hudson

It is no secret to regular visitors of my website that taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) was both one of the hardest and best things I have ever done. (You can read more about that incredible journey, including excerpts from my novel, here and here).

Part of what made it possible was regular social media contact with other writers who had also been mad enough to try and write 50,000 words in 30 days. As the month progressed I realised I wasn’t alone going through periods of joy and doubt as our chosen projects threw up surprises and barriers along the way. The key to that discovery was my decision to connect with fellow Wrimos on social media. Whether it was a Twitter guided writing sprint or simply sharing experiences in the Facebook group – these strangers kept me going.

When I decided to write a story about the importance of writing groups for the literary magazine Writer’s Edit (for the full article click here), I decided to speak with one of the people responsible for bringing NaNoWriMo participants together in my region. His name is Nick Hudson and in this interview he explains just how important these connections have been for him as well. Enjoy! Continue reading